I have always loved art, design and fashion. After studying art at the Seattle School of Visual Concepts in the USA I worked as a freelance illustrator for number of years. While on a trip to Europe I met my husband Steve who worked in the jewellery business in Seville Spain. After commissioning me to paint a picture of his dog Roy he asked me if I would be interested in designing a range for his jewellery shops.

That love of drawing, painting and all things crafty never left me.

I started playing with ideas, filling a sketch pad with drawings of the beautiful flora I discovered in the gardens of the Real Alcazar. I fell in love with the process, it allowed me to combine my love of art and design with the world of fashion. After A number of years we moved to the UK where I enrolled on a silver jewellery course at the Sussex Coastal Collage in Hastings. This taught me about the production side of the business, and gave me real incite into what was possible when working in silver and gold.

good chris shot

On completion I felt ready to set up my own brand, Christin Ranger Jewellery. With a lot of help from the casters and stone setters our Spanish company had worked with for many years I created my first Christin Ranger collection. The business has gone from strength to strength over the past five years and is now available both on line and in a large number of outlets in the UK.

In a Nutshell Acorn pendant with Heart

The brand is very much design led, with new lines coming out every month. We are currently really excited to be working on a range of jewellery that is bursting with symbolism and hidden messages. Watch this space.